E’ arrivato GOOGLE CHROME ver. 5.0.322.2

chrome-logoNuovo aggiornamento del browser di casa GOOGLE per i temenari del DEV-CHANNEL.

Ecco i principali novità di quest’ultimo aggiornamento:


  • [r38242] Don’t crash when a theme specifies a nonexistent image. (Issue: 31719)


  • [r38319] Honor modifiers for clicks on home button – cmd-clicking the home button now opens your home page in a new tab. (Issue: 34900)
  • [r38204] Implemented writing direction context menu in text input fields.
  • [r38504] Add local storage nodes to the cookie manager (Issue: 33068)


  • [r38320] Use of Freetype’s emboldening for fonts that don’t provide bold. Fixes the sometimes blurry bold fonts. (Issue: 22360)
  • [r38372] Can now drag and drop bookmarks from Firefox. (Issue: 34141)
  • [r38246] Implement content blocking address bar icons and bubbles (Issue: 33314)

Native Client

  • Chrome for Linux and Mac OS 10.6 can now run Native Client modules directly, no plugin required. To enable this features, run Chrome with the following command line flags–internal-nacl –enable-gpu-plugin –no-sandbox.
  • Platform-independent NPAPI extensions for 2D, 3D, and mouse/keyboard events are now available.
  • We’d like to hear from you. Please send feedback tonative-client-discuss@googlegroups.com,


  • [r38239] Don’t crash when extensions use cookie. (Issue: 34649)
  • [r38407] Preserve order of browser actions across extension autoupdate. (Issue: 33401)
  • Implemented overflow and reordering of browser actions (this was actually in the last update, but missed the release notes)

Known Issues

  • Linux: Crash when editing a bookmark in the bookmark manager(Issue: 35438)
  • All: Chrome doesn’t show popup blocker bubble (Issue: 35594)
  • Mac/Linux: Can’t save cookie settings (Issue: 35307)

Per maggiorni informazioni: release-notes.

Il CITTADINO IMPERFETTO ringrazia sentitamente il team di CHROME. Potete trovare maggiori informazioni direttamente a questo indirizzo.


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